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Soft Skills Workshops
Welcome to Security Training Solutions!

Security Training Solutions has developed a series of soft skills workshops as part of it's flagship program "Paving the Road Series". Often, conflict arises in the office or on the street because of a breakdown in communications. We can not impose our opinion or viewpoints on others. Our workshops are designed to help you identify your personality and communication techniques so you can adapt better to others.

STS offers Certified Human Behaviour Consultant Specialists in association with Personality Insights. Our consultants have extensive experience developing and instructing human behaviour to military troops preparing to deploy as well as law and security personnel. We can assist you to gain information that will enable you to be more successful, more influential and have more harmony in your life!

Choose individual modules to fit your busy work schedule or combine these unique modules to complete your training needs. STS is pleased to assist with your needs by customizing any training requirements.

  • Increase cooperation
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve all your relationships

Professional Development Training - "Paving the Road Series"

  • Effective Communication (4 hour workshop on Human Behaviour)

  • Advanced Human Behaviour Analysis (4 hour or 2 day workshop on Human Behaviour)

  • Fight or Flight (4 hour workshop)

  • Cultural Diversity (4 hour workshop)

  • Teambuilding (4 hour workshop)

  • Leadership - Leading by Example (4 hour workshop)

  • Crisis Intervention (4 hour workshop)

  • Negotiations & Conflict Resolution (4 hour workshop)

  • Tactical Interviewing (4 hour or 2 day workshop)

  • Becoming an Exceptional Facilitator / Trainer (4 hour or 2 day workshop)

  • Effective Project Management (8 hour workshop)

  • Custom Computer Training (length dependant on customer requirements)

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