M’s Mini Biography

for Security Training Solutions


Professional Background

Exclusive to the Black Arts Society since 2007 Senior Instructor Sensei Moon Inthavong holds a 2nd degree black belt in the disciplines of Combat Jujitsu (Joint Lock Manipulations), Kuk Bang Hapkido (Military Combative Applications), and Ryukyu Kenpo (Pressure Point Fighting).

Under the direct guidance of Grandmaster Gus Michalik, the founder of the Black Arts Society, Moon teaches Police Tactical Training and is certified in Pressure Point Control Tactics. Among Moon’s qualifications is Use of Force Instructor, in which she co-wrote and provided thorough and sound research on the Theory and Applications of the Ontario Use of Force fundamentals for Security Training Solutions; including proctoring exams and instruct principles of PPCT‘s medical and legal tactics techniques. 

A graduate of Police Sciences and an established security advisor with an extensive background in physical and administrative security, her renown knowledge and experiences make her one of the most sought after subject matter specialist in her chosen field. Moon has trained and mentored clients comprised of individuals and corporations on a multiple platform scale, including Military, Law Enforcement and Security Personnel.

As a qualified Human Behaviour Analysis consultant, Moon has reverences for the study of modern day social sciences. Moon has undergone multiple certifications to help her better understand various aspects of human behaviour and tendencies.  Some of Moon’s applicable studies pertaining to the criminal element include Advance Reid Interviewing and Interrogation, as well received numerous Law Enforcement training from US Law Enforcement Agencies and Home Land Security with the Department of National Defense.

Passion for Community Service

Together with overseeing Security Training Solutions as Director of Operations, Moon currently serves on the Executive Board of Directors for the London Military Family Resource Centre and has been elected Vice Chair. Moon’s insurmountable dedication and passion for community outreach and social justice practises has made her an ideal candidate for public ambassador, representing everyone she has had contact with. Crusading for real world solutions on a daily bases, regardless how trivial or how significant – by always striving for excellence and undergoing ongoing professional development training in a wide area of expertise, Moon wishes to impart and share her knowledge, talents  and love for life while infecting  hope in all.


The Conception of E.V.E

E.V.E. “Eradicate Volatile Environments” is the base of Moon’s teachings of Black Arts Close Quarter Combat to women. It is an honour and privilege to introduce the foremost innovative training system that has yet been introduced to women of any calibre.

I am an avid believer that there is no such thing as self-defence, let alone women’s self-defence in the sense that it is taught toady. Why do we need to learn different tactics than our male counterpart? The difference with our style is contrary to contemporary martial arts, in the way that we are not into the sports applications portion, but where the results are the only objectives.

What you will learn is intended to eradicate the opposing threat. You will gain applicable techniques that have been proven to work regardless of size, gender or skill level. The class is intended for everyone to become aware of their own mind and body reactions, so that the techniques become like second skin and with time anyone can become proficient and skilled in CQC. I always like to say “Practise is the mother of all Talents and Skills”. That’s what E.V.E. is, “The mother of All Skills and Talents”, “Eradicate Volatile Environments”. This is not a training system on preventive rape crisis, but learning that you are always in control of your life, all the time – no matter who confronts you; it could be a bully, your significant other, a crazy gal pal ect.

Statics show that in order for a favourable outcome, the perpetuator approaches the environment with more knowledge of how the scenario will play out, this is the advantage they have over you. When you are the target you have a finite window of opportunity to eradicate the threat – since you were not anticipating, the only thing you could do in order to have a chance, is to close with and destroy. That’s the beauty of what we do in Black Arts Close Quarter Combat.


Moon’s martial arts philosophy is not just inherent in her dedication of studying different styles and systems of the martial arts world, but also the esoteric benefits of the internal arts.

As a public service volunteer agent for various non – profit organizations, Moon believes in the community she serves. One of Moon’s goals is to promote a women’s Close Quarter Combat Club where women are empowered, knowledge entrusting them with the tools necessary to instil confidence. Who in turn appreciate and observe the long lasting benefits of practising the Black Arts Close Quarter Combat Systems - which in turn will encompass spiritual and emotional growth.

Are you ready to take on this journey? I’ll meet you half way.

Your comrade and ally,

Moon Inthavong